Thursday, March 19, 2009

Rite Key, Wrong Bike...Has it happened to you?

This is a hilarious incident that happened couple of years ago in my last company - SMPL. A colleague of mine wanted to do some errands during the office evening and due to the chok-a-block traffic he decided to use my bike as he had a car. I just gave him the key as I had done few times...A couple of hours later he came back,but told me that he was having tough time in locking the bike!!

I was puzzled by him and we both went to the basement to check out. As it was evening, it was a little dark and the place was not well lit. I too had little difficulty in locking and suddenly noticed my bike parked next to it!! It took a while for me to realize what had happened...he had taken a different bike which opened with my bike's key!!! Both the bikes were blue in color the one which was taken for a ride was Pulsar 150 CC, whereas I had Pulsar 180 CC...and the moment we realized this we could not stop laughing for the rest of that evening....My friend had a jolly ride on a bike of another colleague with both them being unaware of it... with my keys! He was even complaining about the supposed bad condition my bike had suddenly gone into as it working fine a few days back.....The owner of that bike never came to know about that, although later I hinted him to check his bike lock, Now don't go in search of that parking lot :) !!

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