Thursday, July 13, 2006

BSOD.....eeerghhhhh in Vista?

I was testing Windows Vista recently and this came as a shocker to me....guess my expectations were too high. I am sure any Windows user has come across the infamous BSOD-Blue Screen Of Death while working on Win98/Me/2000 or even XP. But I was stunned to see it on Vista. May be this is still a beta build. This reminds me of the days while in college how we used to make fun of someone who had his OS crashed while working on some important project documentation. Not that we were geeks or linux freaks but a sheer mention of BSOD was enough for 'making fun of oneself' sessions. Also reminds of me an incident that took place while we were in 6th semester of Engineering, where the Win98 crashed during our computer lab and one of my friend who was working on it had no clue about wat happened apart from the Blue Screen and some hexadecimal code it showed before dying. The lab incharge was furious with us and if it was not for another geek in our circle, he would had to do lot answering, not to mention about the fines , writing an apology letter to HOD for messing up the so called state of the art computer lab.

So far it has been a rollercoaster ride while working with Vista beta build. I remember having read somewhere that nearly 40% code for Vista would be redone. If you are aware this product was supposed to kill the competetion and was scheduled for launch in 2006. It looks like a distant dream for MSFT....with so much competetion around.

Watch out for more....I will be posting my experience with Vista soon.

So much for the Blue Screen Of Death !


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Anonymous said...

Hey Dude..Vista RC1 is out 2 days back.. check it out ...