Wednesday, May 18, 2005


I am sure you will be wondering what the heck is Jaatre...Jaatre in my native language (Kannada) means fair or gathering of people from all walks of life. Its basically organised at rural areas in India once a month / year. Oh yah, Jaatre is also Celebration, Celebration of life It is that time of year where they they sell, buy, eat, wine, dine, game and have loads of fun and frolic.

Well, I believe the world in itself a big Jaatre....We meet people from all walks of life, from birth to end, east to west. We talk, exchange ideas, happiness, sorrow and what not. Some have the joying of taking and Some the JOY of giving. At office its a jaatre everyday minus the fun, wine and dine part...I guess u would have got what I wanted to tell

India, they say is the karma bhoomi - u are here to pay back for all your deeds, misdeeds in past life, and you will be here until you have wash 'em all. ah,ah..

We come to this world empty handed and leave the same way and what happens in between is what we take- minus the materials, but with feelings and experiences. Some are successful, some not...
so what is Success then? I have friends, for whom working in a big company (i must say software company) is a success, for some not just getting a job in soft comp, but going Onsite is a success, for some it is making lots of money, name, fame!!!

For me as many of you think, success is a journey and not a destination. Some times we get lost, but then there are friends, relatives who help us in reaching where we want to go.

Like in the movie WaterWorld, people are searching Land, but when they get it, some stay there and some, like our Hero, move help others find them.

I think we have been brainwashed on Success as a concept right from our childhood by our parents---You should study in good school, get good marks, get a good job, get a good looking wife, make loads of money and kids- oh no i can exlude this, much for success...

BTW, where do you fit in is left for you to ponder...Well this is my first blog and I wrote this in moment of inspiration or madness...I am not sure if u got blogged or bugged reading let me know at pranxter'at'gmail'dot'com

Bye for now and take care, Prasanna