Sunday, July 11, 2004

Pulsar - Definitely Male !!!!!

Having used my Pulsar for 9 months and 3 days, I finally decided to pen down my views on this.

Well, the choice while buying the bike was really tough. Having admired my buddies' Yamaha RX 135, I did not have much liking for Pulsar 180 CC, though I was impressed with the features, 60 K was beyong my reach.

I have to travel 18 Kms for my office and thats 36 Kms up and down. The kind of guy I am (Late Lateef), I wanted a bike that would take me to office in minimum possible time. I work in a Tech Support Centre and our Timings are off-peak. Roads would be empty and I could Rip.

Finally, I decided on Pulsar considering the package it offered: Disc Brakes, Broad tyres, 18 Bhp of raw power and mileage (the only let down...but its ok and better than that of a Yam) and ofcourse paying 3 grants extra for bank loan and yes it was Definitely Male!!!

To begin with, it certainly is a good package @ Rs 62000/-. Though much has been talked about its Seat design (My buddies would often ask me if my lil' buddy was intact...), but I have never come across anything that has put me in a fix.

But I am still not convinced about the broad tyres' grip. On many occassions it has either slid to left or right...THe only hitch I find in my PULSE is the Gear shift at slow speeds. It gets annoying if I have to travel at peak time (though I do not get to travel often at this time)...Its definitely not smooth while changing gears at slow traffic.

I have couple of my friends who got the clutch plate replaced by dealers after a lengthy ordeal with the dealers. THe next let down is the servicing. Though the dealer here has a lot of enthu for Customer Satisfaction, his men at work are a big let down. The only you can be convinced of a good service is to pester the service chap, by pushing to the limits or bribe him (which has become a law nowadays), which still does not guarantee a full clean up.

Having said that, I must say that Pulsar 180 CC is a good investment and you are bound to enjoy the ownership !!!!

Happy Riding!!!
iPrax (Prasanna)


Ravindran said...

Dude...Nice to see pulsar feedback..which is your next bike???

cipherNzilch said... definitely is a sexy bike. Not sure about the 180cc...I own a 150cc...and it definitely is a great experience to ride that...especially at 12:00 or 12:30 in the night.